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I sometimes build stuff that might come in handy some day. I'm going to try and bundle some simple ideas of helpful .NET components in a library. My main goal is to share the sourcecode and to learn a bit more while implementing my ideas. But there's also a compiled DLL available in case you would like to just use the controls directly.

Note that this library is under (slow) development and it might take a while before it has more than a few components in it.


It's an extension on the "DomainUpDown" class of .NET. It looks like the standard NumericUpDown control of .NET but with the following additional features:
  • A unit of measure to be displayed inside the textbox
  • A list of alternative units of measure and conversion between the base unit and the other units
    • e.g. the user enters and sees 1 kg but when you ask the value, it returns it in the base unit of 1000 g for example
  • Can be forced to display the value in the Base Unit
    • e.g. user enters 1 kg but after validation the textbox shows 1000 g if g
  • Dragging the mouse up/down from within the control can increment/decrement the value
All of these things are fully configurable from the Visual Studio Property Grid at design time, which makes the code interesting because there aren't that many example of implementing controls that show collections in the Property Grid.

Available in VB.NET: Yes
Available in C#: Not Yet
Included in downloadable Binary Library: Yes


Basic SplashScreen form to be used in an applications. Supports threadsafe messages that can be sent from the loading application to the splash screen.
If you're using this in VB.NET with the standard VB.NET "SplashScreen" option for your project: You might want to check out the VB.NET source code for the Splash class (Splash.vb).

Available in VB.NET: Yes
Available in C#: Yes
Included in downloadable Binary Library: Yes

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